TriPri game

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The process continues and the next step was simulated spaces by “minimal surfaces”. The construction is triangular prism, what is the basic three dimensional object consisting of basic two dimensional shapes or areas. It contains four tops, which are points of contact for quadrangular membrane. I can use one or multi-layer membrane. It depends on surface which is to be made, such as volume, holes, communications, transfers or just surface. The tension of the membrane defines its shape and structure. Other points of contact or lines of contact make various kinds of using the membrane.

Monitoring of the properties

the flexure and transparence depend on tension

The next step was based on logical stretched of material. I used a distribution atoms in molecule as a groundplan. Connecting and crossing with eatch other, nylon creates different kinds of membrane, the membrane which devide the space into cells.

How to make stiff from flexible and conservate the shape and transparence? With resin.

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Ralph DoggenSonja TemplinJaap Baselmans

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Understanding the material

This gallery contains 4 photos.

I cooperated with Petra Kazíková. We tried to find more shapes which nylon can create. We used thread to stretch nylon to various sides.  We were interested in the volumes and mebrane with transparent structure. Then we followed properties of … Continue reading

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